Student Testimonials

From a wide range of majors and interests, our students come together to form a community of learning. They read great texts and engage in rich conversations in pursuit of a common end— growth in wisdom. For many of our students, these courses prove some of the most influential and significant in their college career.

Student Story

Student Quotations

The Newman Institute went beyond presenting facts and knowledge and encouraged us to be seekers of truth. Through literature and poetry, the class did not tell us what to think but how to think bigger, deeper, and with purpose.

Tessa Contrares, Class of 2018, Psychology Major

Seekers, Sojourners and Pilgrims gave me my first glimpse into a vast collection of wisdom that has been written down over the centuries... Poems that once seemed flat and overly complicated suddenly amazed me with their richness and ability to speak so accurately about the truths of our world and God.

Jonathan Semmler, Class of 2019, Biological Sciences Major

Seekers, Sojourners and Pilgrims challenged students to think critically about texts that shaped civilization and apply them to the many topics in everyday life. Identity, virtues, and goals were all brought to the forefront as students were empowered to find truth amidst chaos.

Trevor Sorenson, Class of 2017