Registration Open for Spring 2018 Courses

Registration is currently open for Spring 2018 courses at the Newman Institute. The Newman Institute will be offering two undergraduate courses, “Introduction to the Great Books II: The Literature of Mercy and Forgiveness,” and “Humanities Seminar II: The Mystery of Iniquity.” In addition to these college courses, Dr. Freeh will also be teaching an inaugural adult seminar entitled “Introduction to the Great Books: Seekers, Sojourners and Pilgrims.”

The “Introduction to the Great Books II: The Literature of Mercy and Forgiveness” course seeks to provide insight into the problem of human cruelty and suggest remedies through a deeper understanding of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. In “Humanities Seminar II: The Mystery of Iniquity,” students will consider the “mystery of iniquity,” that human tendency to choose what is destructive of self and others. Through study of some of literature’s most memorable characters – Medea, Faustus, Macbeth, Raskolnikov – this course will attempt to discover patterns of thought and action in those who embrace evil – and in those who reject it.

The Newman Institute’s inaugural adult course, “Introduction to the Great Books: Seekers, Sojourners and Pilgrims,” offers non-college students an opportunity to engage with some of the most pressing questions of existence: What is life’s meaning and purpose? What is happiness and how may we obtain it? What or who should we love and how ought we live? Drawing from the rich heritage of Western literature, this course attempts to lay the groundwork for a lifelong consideration of these and other questions.

All courses will be taught by Dr. John Freeh, Newman Institute Director, at the UNL Newman Center. See our courses page for more details.